Catch of the Day

Compound Cats

I have a little trap, neuter, release operation going on our housing compound. Living the way we do (a high wall surrounding an entire neighborhood with barbed wire) results in a high feline population for likely a number of reasons. Many of these animals are expat pets who are left behind when their owners leave. This is a sad thing as the population can get out of control if nothing is done about it. Not only that, it’s cruel to the animal. Some well-intentioned folks feed them but I prefer to get to the source of the problem. I’m only talking about this because I want to bring awareness to this issue.


Last night, I trapped a friendly little black cat who was really easy to catch because he’s one of those animals that’s just naturally and overly friendly. I actually didn’t have to use the trap, I just picked him up and put him in the box and had him to the vet by 9am this morning. We were out of there by 9:40 and the little guy is recuperating now. To many more!

By the way, women wear an abaya when they go out here.

Snip, snip

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